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Gallus Reference by Evelyn-Cross Gallus Reference :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 5 3 Proud by Evelyn-Cross Proud :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 3 6 Here Comes Trouble by Evelyn-Cross Here Comes Trouble :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 8 So Fabulous! (Skype Icon) by Evelyn-Cross So Fabulous! (Skype Icon) :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 3 4 By the Sea by Evelyn-Cross By the Sea :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 2 SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Epilogue (END) by Evelyn-Cross SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Epilogue (END) :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 8
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 9
Josefina leaned forward, trying to keep her hold solid. Her right front leg dug into his front, entrapping him there. This was it. She couldn't hesitate. She rested her mandibles at the back of his neck, trying to mentally prepare herself for what she needed to do.
Umozozi collected himself slowly, but Josefina didn't need to see him to know how much pain he was in. She needed to end this.
Through all the chaos, the crocodile and alligator crew had not moved from any of their respective spots. Martha looked pained as if she wanted to intercede, but she remained silent.
Suddenly, Winston stopped struggling, “Well, it looks you’ve won, Ms. Figueroa. I concede. I’ll stop with the magic. My life is in your hands. All right crew, you’ve done a fine job. But you’re still not to move until I am dead. And don’t you dare think about harming any of the contestants!”
Gloria wiped a tear away from her eye, but did not move.
Josefina didn’t loosen her
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 8
Umozozi heard a ringing in his ears and felt a sloshing in his head. He wasn’t entirely sure where he was and couldn’t remember particularly who he was. But he slowly came to.
“Where’s Karl? What’s going on?” Umozozi asked.
“Your girlfriend bliddy well took care of everything," Karl told him, almost resigned. "And now she’s going to get both of your arses thrown in jail. And although I’d enjoy watching you rot in jail, I wouldn’t like it as much as this Weasel getting the chair. You should stop her."
“Looks like Karl caught you up to speed," Winston said. "You can help Ms. Figueroa take me out. Or stop her. Your choice.”
Umozozi turned to Josefina, “We should at least get him under control. I don’t know about killing though… I mean, Christ, I don’t want our lives to be over because of this. I mean after all, we did technically win. Maybe Winston could make good on his promise, and save your
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 7
"No one else needs to get involved," Josefina interjected, and attempted to make a wide circle around Karl.
Umozozi followed after her, and glowered at the gecko.
Karl scuttled past them, and stood in Josefina's path. "That's what you think, creep! What was that you said earlier? Oh, right! I'm a ‘synthetic creature'. That makes me ‘no one’, right? Like it or not, I'm involved in this too. You're not the only one who has stakes in this!"
"You think you have a chance against the two of us?" Umozozi asked, taking a step forward.
"Ha! Don't I ruddy know it! You poor sods will be easily dealt with." Without another word, he started to clamber up one of Josefina's front legs.
She tried to grapple him with on one of her forearms, but he avoided all her attempts with relative ease.
The baboon climbed after him, and managed to get a hold of him. To Umozozi's chagrin, the gecko had a smug look on his face.
"Thanks for making this easy for me," he taunted. His tongue wrapped ar
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
8mm Poster (SDF OCT) by Evelyn-Cross 8mm Poster (SDF OCT) :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 5 5
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 6
The hysteria in the room was palpable. All Karl could do was stare at the screen overhead, and at the creature that closely resembled the freak. It had to be his cousin, Rorin. Which meant… oh, feck no.
He really was dead.

Karl made a mad dash towards the exit, but an unseen force placed the tiny gecko back into his seat.
“Look, ghosts. I got nothing to do with Winston’s murders. Let me the hell out of here!” demanded the gecko, visibly shaken.
Admittedly, it was a lot easier to grasp the whole “ghost” concept without the seeing part. Sure, he’d seen one piddling duck before. But this...this was too much to digest all at once.
On one of the screens, he could see the diplodocus smile weakly at the baboon, “All these poor younglings here. Everyone hurt by this weasel. The tiny dinosaur is right, you know. Almost all the ghosts here are people Winston brought here. His old opponents on the brink of death from the Dile days, and those
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 2
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 5
“Hello there, I’m Tuuli. Who are you...three,” the larger of the two wolverines asked, nearly missing Karl. “Are you also finalists? Where is Ian?”
Umozozi stared. Instinctively, his hair raised at the two ferals. But emotionally, he simply could not comprehend the appearance of Ian’s remaining family. He placed his head in hands.
Josefina’s heart dropped. She could only stammer two words, “I-I’m sorry.”
Tuuli frowned, “What are you sorry for?”
“What are you sorry for, Ms. Figueroa? Yes, that’s an Interesting question. Why don’t we look at the footage again?” Winston said.
The screen came down and played an all too familiar scene. Umozozi’s fight with Ian and Ian’s death. The room went dead silent. Karl glowed, waiting for the events to unfold around him.
Tuuli and Suvi watched the screen, perplexed at Ian fighting transparent figures, and then immediately they turned away from t
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 4
Umozozi closed his eyes. He didn’t want to know what would happen next. What creative way would Winston break him and Josefina? What horrible thing would he get them to do next?
Winston continued his act, “Ah yes, It looks like our favorite writing duo has dished out a little, but let’s see if they can take it. Roll the film please,”
The black screens flashed with light once again, and Josefina recoiled at the sight of it. Not the content initially, which began with the two of them attacking Phil. It had cut past their agreement to a fair fight and started with the action. There were plenty of gasps in the audience, but mostly there was an all-encompassing quiet that fell upon the room. There was a transition that quickly moved to their scrap with Panzen, which ended with the reveal of her illness, and impending death. Then the words between them that followed.
Josefina was surprised Winston bothered to highlight that at all. She'd thought he'd focus entirely on
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 1
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 3
Winston sat at a glittering purple desk, grinning at the contestants when they came in. Neither of them had been in this part of the studio before. The entire room was painted in obnoxious shades of purple. And Umozozi couldn’t help but think that the entire set looked like the Jerry Springer Spaniel Show set if it was dunked in radioactive purple paint.
The pain meds were finally starting to kick in, and Umozozi walked to his assigned chair without much trouble. He tried to keep focus, but his head swam with a variety of thoughts. In his haze he noticed a monkey standing with the rest of the reptilian crew.
Josefina followed behind the baboon, stewing over their earlier conversation with Winston. It grounded her, and helped her keep her mind off how worn out she was. She wasn’t provided with a chair, so she stood next to Umozozi. Until she got used to the lighting, the scintillating set made her head spin, dotting the edge of her vision with white spots.
Karl sat atop a pi
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 2
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 2
Umozozi and Josefina were passed off to Gloria, an overenthusiastic crocodile with a ridiculous blonde wig. They’d both only seen her briefly and always in the background. Umozozi wondered how he hadn’t noticed her until now with her over the top personality.
She guided them over to hair styling chairs.
“Normally I’m just the secretary here, but Winston wanted to give the day off today to most of his employees. I was so pleased when he asked me to do hair and makeup… Oh hun, I guess the chair won’t fit. You can stand,” Gloria said to Josefina. “As for you, Mr. Grumpy Baboon. That shirt has to go!”
Umozozi sat on the chair as the crocodile removed the torn remnants of his shirt. He was too weak to protest. His body throbbed with pain from the short walk over.
He gave himself a moment to catch his breath and to get used to Gloria’s manhandling, then he said, “The way I figure it, we’re screwed. We’re going to d
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 2
SDF Round 4 - The Final Cut - Part 1
“There are some things you need to know, and I will divulge them as soon as your last opponent arrives. I promise, it will soon be very clear why Ms. Koivisto had to die.”
Umozozi bared his teeth and looked expectantly at the door. No one appeared.
After a few minutes, Winston coughed, “It looks like your opponent is late. Judging by the look on your faces, you probably don’t want to wait anymore… Well, I better begin regardless. You are all part of my greatest film and this film will change the world.”
Winston paused, waiting for commentary. But the two of them said nothing, their expressions unchanging.
He continued without his usual dramatic flare, but there was a gravity to his voice that demanded attention, “The world is far from ideal. Though I don’t suppose I need to tell you two. That was apparent to me from Insecticide. The world is going to hell, and those who aren’t on the top of the social pecking order are going
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
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Floala vi Trh of Xanta Character Reference by Techn0Gecko Floala vi Trh of Xanta Character Reference :icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 7 4 Best of Bad Decisions: pg304 by Songdog-StrayFang Best of Bad Decisions: pg304 :iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 36 20 Final Battle by Yaphleen Final Battle :iconyaphleen:Yaphleen 7,950 214 Emporium- Making Friends 11 (end) by Ramvling Emporium- Making Friends 11 (end) :iconramvling:Ramvling 3 6 Old Airfield by kasettetape Old Airfield :iconkasettetape:kasettetape 161 5 Hawkeye reference by Aussie-Lucario Hawkeye reference :iconaussie-lucario:Aussie-Lucario 5 2 Emporium- Making Friends 3 by Ramvling Emporium- Making Friends 3 :iconramvling:Ramvling 5 8 Best of Bad Decisions: pg279 by Songdog-StrayFang Best of Bad Decisions: pg279 :iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 86 92 Prophet by CanisAlbus Prophet :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 2,320 41 Wereyote by Canis-ferox Wereyote :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 131 20 Cloudtail X Brightheart by WoofyDragoncat68 Cloudtail X Brightheart :iconwoofydragoncat68:WoofyDragoncat68 526 62 Best of Bad Decisions: pg268 by Songdog-StrayFang Best of Bad Decisions: pg268 :iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 56 84 July is Full of Birthdays by Songdog-StrayFang July is Full of Birthdays :iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 16 11 Familiar Foxface by ChimericMachinations Familiar Foxface :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 5 8 Warriors Sketch Dump 4 by Wyveram Warriors Sketch Dump 4 :iconwyveram:Wyveram 182 9 gift by CorvusRaven gift :iconcorvusraven:CorvusRaven 6 6





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Hello. I don't think I've ever actually offered art slots before, so this is as good a time to start. These are entirely free, though donating points in exchange would also be appreciated. All you need to do is post a link to a reference of your character (OR you can link a few and leave it up to me to decide on one. Your call.), and I'll draw a headshot of them with sidewalk chalk. 

Something like these: 

Rain by Evelyn-Cross  Amethyst (2015) by Evelyn-Cross   jkjr wip - Copy by Evelyn-Cross

There's no rules for these, except no complicated designs. The character can be human, canine, robot, exc. And, also, something to note: unless you're cool with me taking huge creative liberties with your characters...make sure to post ones with a brighter color scheme.

First come, first served. I'm only taking 5 for now, but I might offer more at a later date. Depends on how many takers I get. 

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Hello there! I'm Evelyn, or Eve for short. I partake in the writings and arts, occasionally join OCTs and play lots of Pokemon. I'm a friendly person so if you'd like to talk or do a trade send me a note.


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